The Needlemakers’ Company sprang from one of the original craft guilds and was granted livery in 1656 and was one of only two livery companies to be granted its charter by Oliver Cromwell. This charter (more properly Letters Patent) and the later royal one granted by Charles II in 1664 are housed for safe-keeping in the library at the City of London Guildhall where they can be viewed on request.

The Worshipful Company of Needlemakers is Number 65 in the order of precedence of the Livery Companies of the City. For more information, have a read through the history of The Worshipful Company of Needlemakers.

The Company is governed by its Master, supported by a Senior and Junior Warden, elected annually, and a Court of Assistants. Find out more about our people.

The manufacture of needles has mostly moved abroad and the Company now maintains links with those who use needles rather than make them. The Master traditionally presents a case of needles to the Lord Mayor. 

Cromwellian Charter
Cromwellian Charter: 10th November 1656 (left) and Cromwellian Charter: Ordinances (Bylaws)
Grant of Arms
Grant of Arms

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