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Master's Reception

At the Master's initiative, all Liverymen who had joined the Company in the last 3 years together with their consorts, were invited to The City Livery Club on Wednesday 8 November in the evening to meet each other in the company of a number of both current and non current members of the Court. In a very relaxed atmosphere, supplied with delicious canapés and suitable refreshment everyone who was able to make it, enjoyed the chance to to get to know each other that takes so much longer to achieve at more formal events in the annual calendar.

The Senior warden spoke briefly about how the Company carries out its activities through its committee structure and encouraged everyone to complete the survey, recently sent out. Past Master Pamela Goldberg, Chair of the Charities Committee, spoke briefly on the rational of the committee in its programme for giving and an interesting question and answer session followed.

Everyone commented on how worthwhile and good fun the evening had been and thanked the Master for getting them all together in this way.