The Court is the governing body of the Company. It is led by the Master, assisted by the Senior and Junior Wardens and supported by Past Masters and Assistants, served by the Clerk.

The Court meets four times a year in January, April, July and October. It hears the reports of the committees and deals with administrative affairs. New Liverymen are admitted during the meeting of the Court. The Court also elects new Assistants: the Wardens and Master are normally elected at the July Court meeting and then installed at the October meeting.

Members of the Court 2019-2020

The Master
Andrew Whitton

Senior Warden
Philip Law

Junior Warden
John Mill

Immediate Past Master
Anthony de Lacey

Past Masters
Derek Foster
David Anslow -Wilson
Tony Floyd
David Culling
Brian Hatfield
Graham Born
Christopher Vickers
Sir Michael Snyder
Henry Milward
Simon Fradd
Michael Cook
Malcolm Samuels
Roger Staines
Pamela Goldberg
George Borthwick
Sue Kent
Geoffrey Lewis
Martyn Chase
Dame Elizabeth Fradd
Colin Tiffin

Barbara Hadfield
Simon Bentley
Nick Macrae
Martin Miles
Chris Frankland
Benjamin James
John Scott
David Taylor
Angie Lewis
Sue Sumners
Tony Pattison