Mansion House Banquet 2020 Survey Feedback

After the Banquet

Nick Ter Averst, Chairman Functions Committee

The Functions Committee would very much like to thank all liverymen who completed the online Banquet survey. Reviewing our company events, from time to time in this way, is incredibly helpful in ensuring we do all we can to meet the standards required for the continued support of our liverymen.

In all cases over seventy percent of the responses were positive and in response to a number of the questions asked that figure was over eighty percent.

Among the comments received were:

“Lovely evening, speeches very good”

“A wonderful evening and the atmosphere was great”

“Another excellent banquet and kudos to the team involved”

“The post horns were magnificent!”

“My guests really enjoyed it”

”Superb thank you”

“An excellent evening”

“We should do it again next year!”

One comment which was unfortunately observed by several liverymen related to the use of mobile telephones. This was discussed by the committee and we will be reviewing the Protocol emailed to all liverymen attending events and we are looking into other ways to highlight that the use of mobile phones after The Master has entered the hall (including for photography) is strictly forbidden!

Forthcoming events have unfortunately been majorly affected by the Coronavirus. I am sorry to say the Master’s Games Night and trip to Oxford have both had to be cancelled. The Awards Dinner has currently been postponed to the 12th of August and a decision will be made nearer the time if it is possible for that to go ahead. Plans for the Master’s weekend in London are in place but here again a decision will need to be made nearer the time if it is possible for that to go ahead.

Mansion House Banquet 2020
Mansion House Banquet 2020