State of the Livery Companies during Lockdown

On a quiet afternoon, one of the Clerks posted a message in the fellowship Whats App group for a bit of light entertainment with a few puns about a couple companies. It caught the imagination of this very creative group and barrage of messages followed with more suggestions resulting in a list which we hope will amuse you just as much:

The Actuaries are re-assessing their longevity

The Air Pilots have fallen to earth

The Apothecaries have had to take a dose of their own medicine

The Arbitrators can’t agree anything amongst themselves

The Architects have drawn their own conclusions

The Armourers have lost their guard

The Art Scholars have painted themselves into a corner

The Bakers have run out of dough and crumbled

The Barbers have had to cut and run

The Blacksmiths are trying to forge on

The Butchers have been slaughtered

The Brewers have been drunk dry

The Carmen have reached the end of the road

The Carpenters have been boarded up

The Clockmakers have had to run down

The Clothworkers have had an attack of moths

The Coachmakers have lost their horses

The Cooks have gone into liquidation – they couldn’t ketchup with orders

The Constructors have gone to the wall

The Cordwainers have put their foot down and given their Clerk the boot

It’s curtains for the Drapers

The Educators have become illiterate

The Environmental Cleaners have been cleaned out

The Fan Makers felt the draught, got the wind up and folded

The Farmers have no herd left

The Feltmakers have been crushed

The Firefighters have put their fire out

The Fishmongers have been gutted

The bell has tolled for the Founders

Everything has gone pear shaped for the Fruiterers

The Fuellers’ tanks have run dry

The Gardeners have dug themselves into a hole

The Girdlers have lost all their support and will have to tighten their belts

The Grocers have shut up shop

The Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers are right down to the wire

The Goldsmiths have lost their shine

The Gunmakers have shot themselves in the foot

The Information Technonogists have crashed

The Insurers have stopped paying claims

The International Bankers have lost all interest

The Investment Managers were feeling bullish but must now grin and bear it

The Ironmongers have lost their temper

The Launderers have thrown in the towel

The Lightmongers are in the dark

The Loriners have the bit between their teeth

The Master Mariners have run aground

The Masons have all got stoned

The Merchant Taylors have lost their thread

The Musicians are all out of tune

The Needlemakers have pricked themselves

The Makers of Playing Cards have hit the deck

The Parish Clerks have become surplice to requirements

The Pattenmakers are in the shit

The Paviours have come to the end of the road

The Pipe Makers have gone up in a puff of smoke

It’s been a wrench for the Plumbers

The Poulterers have flown the coop