Master's Old Jewel – no longer used - NMP16A

Master's Old Jewel – no longer used - NMP16A
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Silver gilt and enamel 1874.

It can be dated from the evidence of the printed Livery List of 1874 and in the printed List and history of 1875. Following the revival of the Company in October 1873, the new Livery List was produced, bound in dark blue cloth with the Arms blocked in gold on the front cover with supporter, tree and serpent. On the escutcheon the crowned needles are all level. It is the same on the title page. The Livery List of 1875 with a history of the Company is bound in a similar manner and has the same version of the Arms on the cover but on the title page, in the escutcheon the central needle is placed higher than the two side ones. It is this version that is found on John Aird’s snuff box given in 1896 and on all later pieces of plate. There are it seems, no references to a new Jewel in the minutes of the Court: the style of the jewel is of the late 19th Century rather than of the 18th.

Circular; diameter 2 ½”, the inner circle diam. 1”.

Mounted in silver, the inner circle with the Arms is fairly high relief against a gilt background; the escutcheon, royal blue enamel, with the three crowned needles level, in silver; the figures of the supporters, Adam and Eve, in fairly high relief in silver; all on a mound with grass and flowering plants. Round this circle, letters, silver set in royal blue enamel, “The Worshipful company of Needlemakers” and a needle on either side, “London”. The enamel is damaged. A ring at the top with a silver twisting serpent forming a loop for the chain or ribbon.