The Master's New Jewel - NMP16B

The Master's New Jewel - NMP16B
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NMP16B Master’s New Jewel.

The new Jewel was commissioned to match the correct Coat of Arms of the Company for the occasion of the Grant of Arms to the Company by the College of Arms 8 September 1986.

It was purchased by subscription from the Court of Assistants including a donation from the Master at that time, Derek Foster. The Badge was completed and presented to the Court in October 1987.

Silver gilt and enamel; 1986; Birmingham; Toye Kenning and Spencer. Main office 19 Great Queen Street London.

Diameter of circle 2 5/8” (6.5cm) Oval 3 ½” x 4 ½” (8.8 x 11.3cm)

Within an open gold circle, the Arms of the Company, raised, in gold and enamel. Viz-Azure, three needles per pale, the centre one being longer than the others, all crowned, or (gold) the escutcheon held by the supporters in front of an apple tree growing out of a grassy mound, proper, the trunk environed by a serpent, head to sinister, both gold. The supporters; on the dexter a male figure, Adam, holding in his hand a fig leaf and on the sinister side a female figure, Eve, holding in her interior hand a needle, her hair falling to her hips; both Adam and Eve girded with fig leaves, all proper. The Legend below, in green letters on white “They sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons”. The circle within an open oval, entwined with scrolls and leaves with a pointed lobe at the top for the clip to fasten to the ribbon or chain.