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Dedication of the Regimental Memorial Wall at Leros Barracks Canterbury

On Sunday 19 January the Master and Past Master Pamela Goldberg set off together to represent the Company at the unveiling of the Memorial Wall at the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment head quarters in Canterbury. It was a cold winter's afternoon as we took our seats on the parade ground at the Leros Baracks, with to our left, the the senior army officers present including the Colonel of the Regiment Lieutenant Doug Chalmers and the families of those soldiers who had lost their lives in recent conflicts, including the Falklands War and Iraq.

As always the ceremony was immaculately carried out, with military precision and timing, with the last post followed by reveille bringing home the sacrifice of these soldiers to their families, regimental colleagues and other guests, alike. But the most striking moment came as each name of those commemorated and where they had lost their life, was called out by various soldiers, placed randomly among the assembled throng. The list was too long, the sacrifice too great, but all were very proud of these heroes.

Following the service we met the Commanding Officer and his wife for a cup of tea and then set off back to London recognising the value of the Needlemakers' donation towards the construction of this tribute to the fallen Tigers of recent times.

The Master viewing PWRR Memorial Wall