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Junior Warden Scoops Bronze at Inter-Livery Cards Competition

The Junior Warden with his prize

The Junior Warden and his wife Carol had an excellent evening at the Vintners Hall, for the annual Junior (and equivalent) Wardens event, arranged by the WCMPC (Manufacturers of Playing Cards). This year was indeed a card competition, following dinner.

There were 35 Liveries represented, about 110 people in all.

The card game was called Swedish Pursuit, a modification of the children's game Uno and other derivatives. It's about 80% luck! I was able to make it to the play-offs, being in the top 10 out of 110. There, my luck rather deserted me, so I was amazed to hear my name called out for 3rd prize! About five of the 10 finalists were connected to MPC, and so weren't considered for this part of the prize giving. I received a nice presentation pack of cards from the principal guest, Sheriff Liz Green.

The overall winner on the night, who did actually get a prize, was the wife of MPCs Master - the second year running this has happened. She had only learnt the rules the night before - much amused embarrassment all round.

Besides collecting donations for the Lord Mayor's Appeal, the main purpose of the evening was networking, which was also successfully achieved.