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3PWRR Livery Day 11th May 2019

Assistant Martin Miles attended the 3PWRR Livery Day on 11th May in Canterbury on behalf of The Needlemakers. (Brief details of 3PWRR are given below**). Four livery companies were present, the others being The Coopers, The Bricklayers and The Paviors. The day was extremely well organised, we were very well looked after and I learned a lot about the Regiment and, indeed, about Reserves and the Army as a whole.

We met at 11AM and, after introductory talks at HQ (Leros Barracks) and a lunch break, we went to the training area for the afternoon. We were divided into teams to learn about and then undertake various tasks. I joined the Paviors for these exercises.

On returning to the Barracks, we had a talk from the Commanding Officer, drinks and a curry supper before dispersing at about 7.30pm

**3 PWRR is the Army Reserve Battalion of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment. The Battalion is based across the Southeast of England with Company location in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. 3 PWRR has a proud record of achievements that include recent operational experience in Afghanistan and Iraq in support of the Regular Army and Cyprus supporting the United Nations mission.

3 PWRR is currently ‘paired’ with 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, based in Woolwich, as part of the restructured Army under Army 2020 concept. As such they are on the cutting edge of Army Reserve units with the very latest kit now available across the Battalion.

The Battalion also boasts a fine Regimental Band and Corps of Drums based at its Headquarters in Canterbury.