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Admission of Sherrifs Elect to Office & Sheriffs' Breakfast

By the Master Elect Andrew Whitton

I was privileged to be at the admission in Guildhall at 11am and then to join with many others in celebrating their Admission at Breakfast. Breakfast because in olden times such a celebration took place after a period of fasting.

Our Honorary liveryman, the Recorder of London praised the retiring Sheriffs & Professor Jo Delahunty QC welcomed Alderman & Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli & Sheriff Christopher Hayward.

Each of the Sheriffs then spoke in response.

The Shrieval theme for their year is, "Primacy of the Rule of Law" somewhat apt in the light of the Supreme Court's decision.

Breakfast finished at 15:45!

I am hoping to arrange for a tour of the Old Bailey during the coming year.