The raising of charitable funds is one of the core objectives of the Company and these are prudently invested to provide both growth and annual income. The funds are augmented by bequests and donations from members of the Livery.

The aim is to provide grants to areas associated with the needlemaking industry, as well as the City of London and education, religious and welfare institutions including the Lord Mayor's, the Master's and the Chaplain's chosen charities.

The stated object of the Charity Fund is that the livery makes a difference to the people it is able to support and the Company constantly reviews its giving to ensure that its funds are put to the best possible use.

Our Charity Policy and the Charity Commttee's quarterly meeting schedule to review our charitable donations is available for members to download in the 'Forms and Downloads' section in the Members area of this website.

The Fund has also been given Special Donations to satisfy special bequests which will be undertaken in perpetuity.

All the charities we support are set out in the opposite drop down Navigation list. To find out more about the main charities we support here are some links: