Sharwa Molla - Our 6th Form Bursary Student at City of London School for Girls

When I first visited City of London School for Girls, in Year 11, it caught my eyes immediately and the appreciative comments I heard, made me yearn to be a student at this school. Over the past few months, I have seen that CLSG has an environment that encourages, not just me but, every student to flourish.

Everyone in this school, teachers and students, have been very welcoming, making my transition to CLSG as smooth as possible. This school has helped me believe in myself and become more ambitious. I am surrounded by hard-working and talented individuals, which gives me a chance to improve myself and get to know the best version of myself. CLSG has given me countless opportunities to pursue my dream of becoming an aerospace engineer so that I can aim for the top universities in the country.

Some of the challenges I faced at this school would include the fact that the lessons were very fast-paced. However, this has helped me learn how to absorb information much faster, which will be very useful for me later on in my academic journey. The school supports other interests that students have through general studies and by holding various clubs. I have done cooking, yoga, and astronomy classes in general studies and these have taught me about aspects that I never knew I was interested in.

I believe that this school has surpassed my expectations in every possible way. My experience at CLSG has made me a more determined and motivated person and I am ecstatic to be part of this community. Thank you Needlemakers for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Sharwa Molla 5.4.2020