The Master and Wardens welcome applications from anyone of good standing interested in joining the Livery.

We are proud to be an "open" company, with our members coming from a wide range of professions and backgrounds, but we particularly welcome those whose world involves the use of needles.

Men and women enjoy equal status as Liverymen. Our first lady Master was installed in October 2011. 

The present day aims of the Livery:

To provide a link to the industry and its modern offshoots

To dispense charitable funds to deserving causes

To maintain links with the City and other livery companies and to support the Lord Mayor

To create a friendly environment in which likeminded people may socialise

To join the Livery an aspiring applicant would usually be proposed by an existing member and the member will provide an application form. Individuals with a connection to needle making or former prize/bursary recipients who do not have a proposer should contact the Clerk. It would be hoped the candidate had attended some functions and gained an understanding of how the Livery works before an application was submitted.

Applications are submitted to the Membership Committee who make a recommendation to the Court. On approval, the applicant would become a Freeman of the Company, and following a successful application for Freedom of the City, is then eligible to be admitted to the Livery.

The Admission (or Clothing) takes place at a full meeting of the Court and immediately precedes the lunch/dinner being held the same day. Family and friends are encouraged to attend this event as guests of the new Liveryman.


There are certain costs or fines that are involved in being admitted to the Company and an annual tallage (subscription). These are lower on a sliding scale for those under 40 and will be fully explained to you by your sponsor and the Clerk.

Liverymen are also expected to contribute to the Company’s charitable funds according to their means by making regular donations

Further details and application forms are available for proposers to download in the Members Area.

Livery members